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Electrical engineering and prototyping  


    We have worked for/with among others:

    ABB, CMG, ECN, Enatec, Ariston, Bosch, Infinia, Rinnai Japan.
    Gaz de France-Suez, KLM, Shell Pernis, Siemens, Schlumberger, Verolme Machinefabriek IJsselmonde.

    Some of our past projects:

Test equipment anti-islanding and grid interuptioncustom build test equipment


Tests switching characteristics of devices that deliver     power into the grid.
Applies automated fault conditions, such as phase controlled grid interruptions and short circuiting.
Connections for PC, oscilloscope and DUT (Device Under Test)
GridBox ENS

Power interface 1.5kW for micro-CHP systeem

GridBox takes care of synchronization and coupling of a stirling generator to the grid in household central heating system.
Acts in accordance with G83 or ENS regulations; under-, overvoltage, frequency, power factor and anti islanding.
ENS version works with redundancy and measures grid impedance.

POS terminal with screenkeys

Efficient terminal for high volume point of sale.

Context dependant key faces, which act fast and secure.

The number of required key strokes has been minimized.

Works with FRAM memory for secure data protection.

Connects to a standard Epson POS printer.

Build in Wi-Fi for easy data transfer.


Rotor with magnetic bearing
    HR magnetic bearing

Demonstration model hydropower generator with

magnetic bearing. Rotor of 20 kg is kept floating by magnetic levitation.

DSP calculates correction forces based on custom designed

broadband eddy current sensors.

Correction forces are applied by electromagnets

with PWM controlled inverters.


flowmetering software

EM flow meter for draft beer tap


Electromagnetic flow meter for tap installation.

All transactions are easily analyzed to monitor

totals and dosage per unit.

System sends wireless feedback to users at taps

 with dosage information.

PC software
data analysis sw

Examples of user friendly PC software that we’ve written;

+ Measuring data analysis tools

+ Turnover and wages administration

+ Production data databases

+ Profitability tools

+ Interface SW to connect different systems and protocols

+ Control software for EM seismic vibrator

Low cost data logger for field test analysis
USB datalogger

Collects system and performance data continuously

on USB stick for fault analysis.

Stores dataset at 2 kHz.

With opto-isolated SPI interface and real time clock for date time stamp.

 Lateral positioning system
Control system seismic vibrator
Delft Seismic vibrator

Control system electromagnetic vibrator for

seismological research. Reaction mass of 10.000 Kg

is levitated and modulated.

Control by means of 4 parallel DSP processors.

Connections to velocity transducers

and converters by optical fibers.


Alarm system delta works
    network switch
    System to switch 230V signalling devices directly by network