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Electrical engineering and prototyping  

Our capabilities

filter design


    Our capabilities:
        + Analogue circuit design
        + Microprocessor and DSP systems
        + Logic circuits, PLD’s, PAL
        + Power electronics
        + Power delivery into the Grid (LV)
        + Sensor technology
        + Interfacing with lots of standards
        + Radio frequency design (RF), Wifi and others

    Furthermore software design is an important part of our activities.
    When implementing control algorithms, there is often a choice between hard- and software.
    To accomplish a reliable and cost effective design, a proper choice is a must.

    Magnetics Enterprise is working and has experience with the following programming languages,
    design- and simulation software:
        + C, C++, Visual Basic, Assembly, Pascal, Forth, Delphi
        + National Instruments Multisim and Ultiboard design
        + Altera and Xilinx PLD design
        + Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, uC + DSP’s, fixed + floating point
        + Microchip PIC’s, Zilog microcontroller family
        + ACAD, Matlab and Femm
        + Database applications: SQL, Microsoft Access